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Who Am I?



I am Caucasian with tawny skin that is bronzed from long days at the beach .  I am 5'3" and 160 pounds, on my frame that means 38D - 33 - 42.  I am curvy, busty and have hips.  I am not for someone who enjoys the spinner look, I am also not for someone who enjoys a larger BBW look.  I have long, dirty blonde hair that falls to the middle of my back.  I have green eyes.   Take a peek at my LookBook for a few discreet photos!



I am an extrovert.  I enjoy being around people, out and about.  I'm a busy body, I have a hard time sitting and being still.  Talking to people and learning new things excite me.  I'm a good friend and easy to talk to.  I'm smart, conversation usually comes pretty easy for me and I enjoy chatting up just about everyone.  I start random conversations with people on the metro and smile at everyone who smiles at me.  I tend to become sarcastic when I feel attacked or embarrassed.  I'm still scared to grow up.  I struggle with how to give myself without losing myself.




I enjoy interacting with people so anything that allows me to be in the mix makes me happy.  I play tennis and enjoy paddle boarding.  I love going to sporting events but hate to watch on television.  I love the beach and being out on the water.  There is something awe inspiring about looking around and seeing nothing but miles of water. 

I like neighborhood bars with good bartenders and patios.  I prefer liquor to wine.  I like gentleman's clubs and the sensuality of a woman's body.  I like the rugged masculinity a man has after a good workout.  I like the teasing, flirting and raw sexuality of being with someone you know you are going to have sex with.



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