Favorite Role-Plays

I was a little intimidated about sharing role-plays at first,
But thanks to a few very interesting links, and some practice, I think I've mastered my fears.

Here Are Some That Are Really Fun For Me:


--Experienced "tutor" for the inexperienced "younger" man.

--The preachers naughty wife.  

--One of us is the failing student who must have a passing grade.

--Our spouses are cheating on us with each other.  Let's pay them back.

--I've given you every chance.  You've left me no choice.  I have to tell your parents.

--You can't fire me, I really need this job.

--Your best friends sexy mom.

--My husband just doesn't please me.

--Our own private version of Oedipus Tyrannus.

--Your demanding boss.

--I know I'm just the nanny.  But your wife doesn't deserve you.  Let me show you why.

**Daddy/Daughter Fun:

--Did I get a bad report card and I'm trying to distract you from it?

--Do I want an increase in my allowance or maybe a new car for my birthday?

--You're hurt and lonely because Mom is cheating on you.  Let me console you...

--You're enraged and jealous because you just found my boyfriend and I in my bed.

**Something A Little Different:

--You're my dads protege, assistant and right hand.  Unfortunately for you and for my greedy b***h of a stepmom, I walked in on the two of you "together".  I haven't told him yet,  only because I've always had a crush on you and fantasized about having you all to myself.  As much as I'm crazy about you, if you don't do exactly as I say, I will tell him and you'll never work in this town again.

Or Maybe You Have A Favorite Role-play Of Your Own?​

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