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One of my most favorite things about indulging myself as Lizzie Beth has always been the freedom it allows me to explore my sexuality. Whether it’s pulled from the literotica story I read on the train that had me squirming in my seat; or the adult video that made me come harder than I had in weeks but I’d never admit to watching; any kink or fetish or scenario I can dream up I can find an eager participant to explore it with me. And what better “cover” for your naughtiest desires than a “role-play” with a stranger?

Listed below are a few scenarios that I’m especially fond of;

Please boss, I can't lose this job!

Isn't there something I can do to

convince you to give me another chance?

I'll do anything!


Your demanding and bitchy boss.
You didn't meet your targets, again

Why should I keep you on?

Virginity play.
I'm so nervous, it's my first time,
Or is it yours?
Or maybe ours both?


Our spouses are cheating on us with each other. 
Let's pay them back. 


Your best friends sexy mom.
Your mom's best friend.


I've always had a bit of a crush on you

But you're my father-in-law.

We can't do that to your son.


I know I'm just the nanny.  

But your wife doesn't deserve you.  

Let me show you why.

**Daddy/Daughter Fun:

Did I get a bad report card and I'm trying to distract you from it?


Do I want an increase in my allowance or maybe a new car for my birthday?


You're hurt and lonely because Mom is cheating on you.  Let me console you...


You're enraged and jealous because you just found my boyfriend and I in my bed.

Or Maybe You Have A Favorite Role-play Of Your Own?​

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