The Beginning


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The story of Lizzie Beth started during the summer of 2013.  I was at odds with my parents, sent off to spend the summer in the middle of nowhere Midwest with my ultra conservative grandparents.  I love them dearly.  But they drive me nuts.  I was so tired of the status quo and of trying to be everything everyone else wanted me to be.   I felt so  boxed in, could hardly breath, and wanted desperately to find myself and be me.  Don't say it, I get it...first world problems and cue the violins.  But over the course of the next two years,  while I enjoyed all the freedoms being Lizzie Beth afforded me, the experience morphed into my own, personal "Coming of Age" saga.  Maybe one day I'll write a book.  Of course, names changed to protect the innocent.




I could neither have predicted the connections I would make along the way, nor imagined how they would completely change my life.  I met the most amazing gentlemen.  Some as mentors.  Many as friends.  Hardly any as just "clients".  I doubt most of them ever realized how much of an impact they had  on my life.  I barely realized it then myself. But they definitely helped me understand what a powerful individual I am and that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to.  So, If any of my old friends and mentors are reading this, please know I can never thank you enough.  By the way, now that I'm old enough to buy my own drinks, I owe you one ;)

   Grown Up

Like all good things, my fun as Lizzie Beth eventually had to come to an end.  My father passed on and I've mostly severed ties with my extended family.  I finished school and started a career that I love.  I met a man and said "I do."  I became a mother.  I'm  involved with several non profits I feel passionate about.  Let's not forget play dates, ballet, gymnastics, and mommy & me.  

So why do I feel so disconnected?  Suffocated and suffocating?  So alone?  Sometimes I feel like I've lost myself to the expectations of others again.  But who am I outside of those roles?  Please don't mistake this for me bemoaning my poor suburban life.  Nor is it a case of "the grass being greener".  I know how fortunate I am.  But is it so awful to long for something more?

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