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  it begins


Several months ago these feelings really came to a peek as I enjoyed the first long weekend home alone that I've had in a long time.  I was going through some old things and happened across a trunk full of old mementos from college.  Tucked away in a shoe box there were a few memories of my carefree time as Lizzie Beth.  Several photos, love letters written, cards received, ticket stubs, wine corks I'd collected to remind me of sultry times with special friends.  And yes, finding these old reminders of myself did start to light a fire in me.  Memories of being carefree, living in the moment, not worrying about tomorrows.

That was precisely when the idea, the fantasy of "Mrs Lizzie Beth" started to unfold.  



Will you

     join me?

The decision to come back was easier than perhaps it should have been.

I hope that there are people out there that will be able to connect with Mrs Lizzie Beth in the same way that there were such beautiful people that connected with Miss Lizzie Beth.  I hope that there will be gentleman out there that are willing to set about on this adventure with me. 

And allow me to be me. 

And have fun. 

And let my hair down. 

And have little snippets of my life that are just for me. 

And are private. 

And erotic. 

And sexy. 

And there's no judgement in those few minutes that we share.  There's no expectations.  There are no misgivings or wanderings about tomorrow.  It is just right now.  In this room.  With us.  No worries.  No consequences.  Just two people.  Losing themselves.  Or maybe finding themselves again.  






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