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I do ask that a prospective new friend share verifiable screening information. That said, I try to make it easy and offer enough options to fit most situations.   Any two things from the following list usually work.  But keep in mind that if one of the methods you choose is a link that anyone could find and send, the other absolutely can not be.  Particularly if the number or email you're using has no history or  association with you.  In very, very few cases will screening with references alone be acceptable.  


1) Do you have a LinkedIn profile with a recent photo?


2) Professional email?


3) Is there a photo of you on a company or organization website someplace?


4) I could give you a discreet call at work through the automated attendant, dial by name system, or receptionist and ask for you by name.


5) Facebook? You might have to temporarily adjust your privacy settings though.


6) A photo of your drivers license along with a selfie.  Feel free to redact your street address.  But I'd prefer if you not do so with the city itself.  


7) References from at least two other active and well known companions you've met recently.

8) Something similar to the above.

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