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I've tried to anticipate some of the questions that you might have and answer them here.  If you think I forgot anything or have a question that you would like to see here just send me an email!

Where are you available to meet new friends?


I am generally available in the greater Washington DC/Baltimore area and that will be where I regularly meet with friends.  I frequently travel for my career and will announce on my calendar any upcoming availability outside of DC.  Hoping I'll be visiting your city soon?  Send me an email and I'll do my best to accommodate your request.


Do you allow/have reviews?


Yes, to both.  I do have reviews and they can be found by clicking here and here.   I understand the purpose of reviews even though I have somewhat mixed feelings about them.  All I ask is that when you are typing out your review you remember that I'm a person, not an object, and review me as such.

Do you meet with women or with couples?

Absolutely!  I think that a woman's body is very beautiful and I always have fun being the third in a threesome ;-)

Do you enjoy fetishes?  Role-plays?

Let's be honest - sex is probably one of the best things in the world - if not the absolute best.  So, who wouldn't want to spice it up a little?  I can see the potential for fun with most fetishes that I've ever heard of!  Role-plays are unbelievable fun, you get to pretend to be someone you aren't and maybe try things that you would be uncomfortable with in different circumstances.  My favorites?

"Please don't fire me, I'll do absolutely anything to keep my job."

"You're my husbands best friend but I just can't help myself."

Are you the real deal?

I think so!  I'm always amazed when I read various discussion boards and read the horror stories about things gone wrong!  The photos are of a different girl than the one you you meet, her website portrayed a girl next door type and the hooker from the strip shows up!  Her website boasts of her American Literature degree but she can't tell you her favorite Steinbeck novel?  That's not fair to anyone!  It's not fair to you and it's really not fair to her.  You will be disappointed from the moment you say hello and she will feel like she is consistently trying to be someone she isn't! 


My website is me, it's who I am.  I built it, typed it and published it.   I might not be everyone's favorite but at least I'm me.

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