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To gift or not to gift?

Okay, so the other day I was having a conversation with someone who asked me why I didn't include a "Gift" page like so many other ladies do. The answer is honestly just because I've never thought it was necessary. It's always seemed (and please no hate mail here ladies!) crass to me ;/

I've been given some pretty awesome gifts from some super awesome gentleman and it's always a nice touch and a welcome surprise. But never something I expect or ever felt the need to create a page of my website for. Yes, candles and iTunes gift cards are always super appreciated but if you really want to make me happy and make a difference consider this...

Honor Flights is a nonprofit, charitable organization that seeks to honor the men and women who served in WWII, Vietnam and Korea by making it possible for them to visit the memorials in Washington DC. WW!! and terminally ill veterans are given top priority. To be able to honor our veterans in this way is just remarkable and awe inspriring. Learn more about this incredible program by watching the video or by visiting their website -

If you do decide to "gift me" please do so by gifting to Honor Flights. Please let me know if you do so. Whether we meet or not. I will match your donation in full with my own.

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