Schedule And Availability

My schedule over the next few months should allow me to visit the areas below at least once. Some (like Tysons), more than once.  Most of my visits will be for a couple days. Some for three or more days.  A couple for only a day, with no evening availability.  Unfortunately, it's something out of my control.  Obviously my "real world" obligations take precedence over playtime.  By the way, if you see me on the Acela, send me  wink and a smile in a text.


Washington, DC; Baltimore (BWI) MD; Tysons Corner, VA; Richmond, VA; Raleigh/Durham, NC; 

Harrisburg, PA; Philadelphia, PA; New York, NY; Hartford, CT; Stamford, CT; Boston, MA


I'm Typically Able To Host Or To Visit You At Your Home Or Hotel

(A Visit To You May Require A 90 Minute Commitment)

Same Day Requests Can Sometimes Be Accommodated

But Scheduling In Advance Is Always Encouraged

Tysons Corner:

January 13th and 14th


Farragut North

January 15th until January 17th






First impressions are super important right?  Our mom's and grandma's have been telling us that for years.  I did my best to make mine when I created my website and I hope that you will try to do your best with your first email to me.  Please don't send me one liners, it doesn't tell me anything about you and doesn't give me a chance to really think about whether or not we would get along.  You don't have to send me your life story by any means but throw in a quirky line about yourself or something you enjoy!  Please be direct but not graphic. 

I prefer to communicate by email or text message at first but am happy to chat on the phone with you after we schedule our adventure.  We both have very busy lives outside of our planned escapades together.  Let's respect one another shall we?

I prefer that we make plans at least a day or two in advance, anticipation is half the excitement!  It gives both of us time to appropriately prepare and make sure our busy schedules won't interfere with our playtime!  Did your afternoon meeting cancel today?  Golfing outing planned but the rain started pouring as you were driving to the range?  Feel free to shoot me an email and say so!  I'll do my best to accommodate a same day visit if I can.  Please make sure you specify in your email that you want to meet me that day!

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